Playa Del Fuego

Playa Del Fuego is a five-day event inspired by and adhering to the same principles of Burning Man. Held twice a year in Delaware, PDF has become the most popular “burn” on the East Coast.

PDF is a haven for adventurers, bohemians, and any progressive individual seeking to cleanse the doors of their perception in a safe and fun environment.

The event started on a Thursday but the first day was mainly for everyone to set up their camping area. The real festivities didn’t begin in earnest until Friday. From early morning until late at night attendees were invited to follow a schedule of events or explore the grounds randomly and stop at various theme camps.

The majority of the people I met were extremely friendly. There were a few people at Playa Del Fuego only for selfish means, either to take advantage of other’s generosity or incorrectly believing PDF was just some mindless place to get wasted and party. In such an altruist environment it was extra disheartening to encounter such people, but fortunately, they were in the minority.

There were burns on Friday and Saturday night. These two burns were the centerpieces of Playa Del Fuego, just as they are at other Burning Man-inspired events.

My favorite night of the event was Sunday. I think I needed a few days to pass between leaving behind the real world and transitioning into the utopia of Playa Del Fuego. While I certainly had fun the first few days I was there, I admit to initially viewing the event with a sort of ironic detachment.

I think it’s only natural, considering the cold, cruel world that we inhabit, to view all the crazy costumes and theme camps suspiciously or search for “their angle.” By Sunday night I was stripped of my irony, my suspicions, and was able to appreciate the event for what it indeed was. The Sunday night burn was overwhelming and even a little emotional. It was a transcendent experience to witness so many people come together in celebration of unalloyed expression and communal living.


It was my first burn, so according to PDF’s parlance I was considered a “virgin” and initiated during a brief ceremony. I had a great time at Playa Del Fuego and will return in the spring. I was dreading Monday afternoon when I had to return to “polite society.”

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