A Life In Pictures


For the last decade, I’ve been keeping an obsessive list of every new movie I see within a given year. All films are feature-length, viewed in their entirety, and initial viewings.


I Heart Christmas Trees


Creating an entire sixty-second commercial from scratch is no easy task, and advertising is a harsh and cruel mistress.


Riding the Rails


There’s something romantic about a train ride: following the same route traveled by previous generations and gaining a perspective of our country one couldn’t glean from an overhead view.

Film Nightlife

The Shadow People


It’s my last Halloween in Wilkes-Barre before moving to Las Vegas, and I’m heading to the F.M. Kirby Center for their annual horror double-feature.


Record Number of Spanks at the Heart Attack Grill


At the Heart Attack Grill, you’ll get spanked if you don’t finish your meal but I broke the paddle with my buns of steel.

Film Television

The Best of 2017


I’m as surprised as anyone that a superhero movie ended up as my favorite of 2017, but Logan is a thrilling, superbly acted, and ultimately emotionally-draining film. I made a return trip to the theater a few months later for the exclusive engagement of Logan Noir, a black-and-white presentation of the film that made the best movie of the year even […]


The Trouble With Cali

Laurence LeBoeuf stars in The Trouble With Cali

The Trouble With Cali, directed by Paul Sorvino and filmed in Scranton, Pennsylvania, was partly funded with $500,000 of Lackawanna County’s money.

Theater Travel

Evil Dead: The Musical

Brandon Hatalski with the cast of "Evil Dead: The Musical" in Las Vegas, NV.

I’ve been a fan of the Evil Dead film series since I saw the horror movies as a child. About a year ago I looked up the musical adaptation on Spotify…

Art Travel

Playa Del Fuego


Playa Del Fuego is a five-day event inspired by and adhering to the same principles of Burning Man. Held twice a year in Delaware, PDF has become the most popular “burn” on the East Coast.

Music Travel

Jam Cruise


Jam Cruise is a weeklong party at sea featuring nonstop music and entertainment.